This is a student ministry where you don't have to BELIEVE to BELONG. We love God, we love people, and we have A LOT of fun in the process. Come be apart of the family. 

Our student ministries main focus is to see each and every student that walks through our doors experience love, discover life, and make a difference.

We want students to experience love from a God that accepts them no matter where they are in life. We are all broken, we all have a past, and yet God loves us the same. You will also encounter students, and leaders that want you to know what love looks like in our family each time you enter our building.

We teach students to discover life through God's word. We know that there are many people claiming they know the way to live, but we believe only Jesus can teach us how to truly live. That is why each week we read and spend time in God's word together. 

We help students make a difference through serving. We believe that God did not create us to be spectators, but to be participators. We serve IN our church, and OUT in our world. 

If this sounds like a place for you, and we hope it does... then come check us out! 

Sundays 6:30-8PM 

At Destiny House Church we believe your child’s journey with God begins at birth.  Parents have a chance to make the first impact on their child’s life, but when you walk your child into DHKiDS it is our turn to lead them.  In our Nursery, Kiddie Corral (Birth-walking), it is our goal to create an engaging atmosphere for babies and toddlers that will set the foundation for biblical learning.  Our PreK class, The Barn (3yrs-K) takes the foundation that the Nursery sets and expands on that by providing resources and relationships.  In the DHKiDS Clubhouse (k-5th Grade), we want to see school aged kids apply the biblical truths they learn to everyday life through the use of engaging Bible stories, skits, characters and much more.  We cannot complete this mission without the help of parents who are willing to get involved and continue teaching these truths in the home. 




Kiddie Corral :: Birth to 2 years old
The Barn :: Pre K (3 - 5 years old) 
DHKiDS Clubhouse :: Kindergarten to 5th grade


Kiddie Corral :: Birth to 2 years old
The Barn :: Pre K (3 - 5 years old)
God's Girls :: Girls Kindergarten - 5th grade
Royal Rangers :: Boys Kindergarten - 5th grade


What You Can Expect When You Arrive:

You and your child will be directed to the Kid Check Desk where you will register your child for their class.  Your child will be given a tag with a code and you will be given the corresponding code. Keep this tag because you MUST give it to the class leader when you pick your child up.  Safety is our main priority!  When you complete the check-in process, you will then be directed to your child’s learning environment.  All of our kids environments are located in the downstairs part of our facility.  After you drop your children off and they are ready to have a blast, you can enjoy the worship and teaching knowing your children are safe and growing in their journey with Christ!

What to Expect from the Leaders in DHKiDS:

Each member of our DHKiDS Dream Team has completed background checks to make sure every child at Destiny House Church is safe.  There are always two or more volunteers in the rooms at all times.  We are here to serve your children and make sure they have a great experience while having safety and security at the forefront of our minds.

Information you should know:

What NOT to bring to DHKiDS:

Solid food or medication of any kind. Parents may administer medications as necessary. Church provides a snack during service times. We have goldfish and animal crackers.  If your child has food allergies or you do not want your child to have a snack, please let us know at the time you drop your child off. In that case, we will put a note on your child's tag so the other leaders will know that your child has an allergy or not to give your child a snack.


Please label all your child’s belongings including bottles, cups, and pacifiers.  Disposable diapers are requested.  If your child is potty training, please bring him/her in a pullup and let the teacher know. We ask that personal toys be kept with you when your child is checked in to their class. This can create problems in a classroom setting.

Sick Children:

Children who show signs of illness should be kept home. Green or yellow mucus in their eyes or nose is a main indicator we look for. We ask that recovering children be free of fever, rashes, or diarrhea for 24 hours, without the help of medicine, before coming to church.


You will be given a security tag that matches your child’s that must be returned when you come to pick up your child.  This policy must be enforced.  If you have lost your tag, you will be asked for identification with a photo.  Please cooperate with us in this matter.  We also ask that only adults pick up children from Kiddie Corral or from The Barn.  Please do not send older children.  


In emergency situations the center screen in the sanctuary will be used to call you to your child’s area.  We will put your child’s special security number on the screen.  We may also use this if we feel that your child is not adjusting well and needs you to comfort him/her.

If an emergency requires evacuation of the building please do not attempt to go into the children’s area to retrieve your child. We have an evacuation policy and will make certain that you are reconnected with your child outside in the safe zone as soon as possible. This will allow our First Responder team to properly and promptly react to the situation.