Our DH Worship team understands that a position on our platform is a position in leadership at Destiny House. Our team is cut out for those who have a musical gifting, and who have the ability to teach others as they lead them in worship. We take very seriously being proper representatives of Christ Jesus, and in order to hold team members accountable we have core commitments in place. 

Core Commitments:

  1. COMMITMENT TO DEVOTION. "What fruit am I producing?"
    You are not only bringing your ability to the table, but your HEART, and your heart is the thing that matters the absolute most. Your life should reflect God's goodness on and off the stage, inside and outside of the church (we understand that if one's life doesn't live up to the mantle of the team it can dampen their ability to be effective). Every team member should be actively looking for opportunities to learn and grow; finding inspiration wherever they can! 
  2. COMMITMENT TO DEVELOPMENT. "How can I do this better?"
    Practice and preparation are KEY to developing ourselves as creative people. We not only have to condition our hearts and minds, but our abilities in order to successfully lead people into an encounter with God. Each member is expected to setting aside personal practice time throughout the week to learn the scheduled material, and do the absolute best they can do, don't settle, every week you should walk away knowing you gave it your all.
  3. COMMITMENT TO HUMILITY. "Has this gone to my head?"
    It can be very easy to see the platform as 'your moment' to shine, even if your intentions don't start out that way. There is no room for entitlement here. As a team and as individuals we refuse to let pride slip in. When compliments and encouragement is given we take it, and give God all the glory - reminding people that it's about Him.
  4. COMMITMENT TO SERVING. "How can I help you?"
    Our music ministry is nothing without the vision of the church. Members must not just desire to come and go based on scheduling, but have a desire to invest their time into the ministry as a whole to further the Kingdom of God. We encourage all members to find other areas in the church to volunteer at on their off-weeks - whether greeting, Mission's Cafe, DH KiDS, DH Students, parking lot attendant, usher, host, etc.
  5. COMMITMENT TO OWNERSHIP. "If this was 'my problem', what would I do differently?" 
    We bring solutions, not just problems. We fix things that are broken, and actively look for needs and gaps and find the best possible ways to fill them as a team. If someone needs help and the leader has stepped out, we step in. No questions asked, no invitation required. 
  6. COMMITMENT TO MULTIPLYING: "Who else can I include?"
    Don't hold tightly to "my thing", but actively and continuously look for ways to include others in this ministry. Post invites on Facebook, make conversation with people on Sunday's, go OUT of your way to rep this team - word of mouth is key! We are all about multiplying, multiplying, multiplying! We encourage each team member to have an apprentice to teach them everything they do and everything they know. 
  7. COMMITMENT TO UNITY. "Am I an island?" 
    Communicate honestly and openly following the principles of Matthew 18:15. Having strife among us is poison to our purpose. We are all part of the team and we are better together! It's our ceaseless mission to keep the peace, and place value on the people around us. Along with that also comes responsibility to keep our social media accounts in check. We shouldn't just desire unity in our team but in the Body of Christ as a whole. There is to be nothing shared, posted, commented on or "liked" that would have a negative effect following on the people that look up to you (passive aggressive posts, bad-mouthing, vulgar or inappropriate things, negative posts about the church, others churches, politics, etc.).
  8. COMMITMENT TO FUN. "Do I take myself TOO seriously?"
    No explanation needed! Don't forget to laugh! What we do is so important, and we don't want to take that lightly, but we have to remember that worship is a celebration! That it should be joyful, and fun!