DH Link exists for three purposes:  

To create relationships.  We believe that relationships are really important.  Everything at DH is built on the relationships we have with each other and most importantly with God.

To create a connection.  DH Link will create a flow of information for you that will help you understand all you would want or need to know about the why we do what we do and everything in between at Destiny House!

To create opportunities. We have opportunities for you that will help you find your place in God's house and on the DH Dream Team. Each Dream Team member plays a productive and important role in accomplishing God's dream for our church and city! 

Typically DH Link takes place on the 4th Sunday of every month at 5:00pm, down in R10.  If you've been visiting our church adn feel that this is the place God wants you to be, we really encourage you to be a part of DH Link.  There is no cost to attend. Registration is not required.  A signup sheet is available at the Connection Center. 

*Dinner and Childcare are provided.

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