There are many ways to connect and join our "Dream Team" at Destiny House. Browse our areas in need and get involved in serving!


There are several different ways to get involved to share the love with the youngest members of our church family. We have breakfast for the kids first service. Check-in desk, Kids helpers, and a storyteller. Each area requires volunteers to be in place 30 minutes before service and background check.  You can volunteer as much or as little as you want, from one service a month or once a week. We do encourage volunteers to sit one service upstairs and serve one down stairs in Kids on volunteer days. 


As a leader in Dh Students, you are required to be a catalyst. You have to be the person who initiates conversations, make yourself open for student questions, and notice the students ready to be used by God. Leaders are expected to be at Sunday night services form 5:30 - 8:30pm. A background check is required to become a leader, just as it is for every other kids ministry at DH. 


When volunteering as an usher, you will be asked to greet everyone as they enter the sanctuary and hand them a bulletin. You will also be asked to help collect tithes and offerings, take attendance count, serve communion, and answer any questions if asked. Ushers serve the 9:00 and 11:00 service on Sunday and 7:00 service on Wednesday.


When on our worship or tech team, we would like you to serve once a month. You will work both services when scheduled but will have the opportunity to sit during sermons. Jobs include, musicians, singers, sound technitians, videographers, and computer workers.


As a greeter, it is your responsibility to be the first smiling face our guests see. Extend a hand for a handshake or give a hug if our guest initiates that type of contact. Always be on the lookout for first time guests and help them find their way. 


When serving in our Missions Cafe, you will be serving our guests coffee and donuts. Volunteers serve one service one Sunday a month. Be courteous of our guest and be a smiling, loving face!


In the Nursery, you will be expected to, take care of the needs of the children (diapering, supervision, etc.), engage the children in some sort of praise and worship (watch a video, singing, or playing with musical instruments like bells), tell the children this week's Bible story (provided weekly) through a story book or use of the Bible itself, and to pray with the children:  simple and concise. Volunteers will serve no more than 2 services per month with your choice of which service. 


Volunteers will serve no more than 2 services per month with your choice of which service. Pre-K teachers are encouraged to follow the following schedule:

9:00-9:15 Free Play (kids can play with the toys) 9:15-9:30 Bible time:  The purpose of this activity is to familiarize the children with the Bible and how to use it.  Teachers are given a list of ideas that details how to do this.9:30-10:00 Story Time and Dramatic Play:  Teachers are given all story/lesson materials to review with the kids.  Teacher and kids will informally act out the story.10:00-10:15 Praise and Worship:  Kids will use simple instruments to sing the classics (ex. Jesus Loves Me) 10:15-10:30 Prayer Time:  Prayer requests are taken down in a notebook by the teacher.  The teacher then prays the prayers on behalf of the children. 


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