In the coming months and years, Missions will be our priority at DH. Missionaries and their families will be our bi-monthly guests. You will have the opportunity to hear about their ministry and to act on it. To actively support their work with your consistent monthly offerings will bless you, God, and the Missionary unit. Destiny House supports missions with the first 10% of all monthly income. When they speak, we will also take an offering to bless them before they leave our church home and head to their home in a foreign field. Destiny House currently supports the following Missionaries and Organizations:

Jacob Bock - Spain

Wayne Brown - Thailand

Madison Draper - Laos

Jeremy Goodwin - Senegal

Matt Reigel - Switzerland

Sam Serrano - Dominican Republic

Duane Corll - Special Touch

David Verzilli - USA

Jennifer Kaplan - Israel

Adrian Rosen - Philippines

Danisia Ruffin - Honduras

Christine Little - Zambia

Tim Bentley - Macedonia

Chris Bowser - Peru

Kurtis Denton - Italy

Adam Fogleman - South Africa

David Newman - Israel

Fred Sanchez - Guatemala

Austin Young - AGMENA

Will Bridges - USA / Cuba

Cornerstone - Israel

Zach Brinegar - Shanghai

Kyle McAllister - Chi Alpha Ohio University

Paul Pierquet - Ukraine

Victoria Ross - Eurasia