The Prayer Filled Church pt 2

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing. ~MLK

want to challenge you with 5 Things to pray about today as you fast and seek God.

1.  Pray for the Lost and hurting.

As you know, so many in our community and surrounding area are far from Jesus.  We need to pray for God to give each of us favor to speak hope and life into their situation.  We should pray for God to break our hearts for the things that break His.  When people are lost or hurting, I am convinced that He hurts for them.  Let's pray for the Lost and Hurting.

2.  Children/Students

Our children and students live under an enormous amount of pressure.  Pressure to conform to the standards that are acceptable in our culture whether they are right or wrong.  Let's pray that God will overwhelm them with His strength and give them the grace to stand strong in the face of temptation to be the example that they should!

3.  Life Groups/Dream Teams

Both of these areas of our church are essential to helping us equip people to be all that God has called them to be.  Life Groups help by developing relational opportunities for people to share their struggles, build friendship, and hold each other accountable to godly living!  These are important to our church!  If you are not involved in a life group, contact Brian or Deb Bussard and they can help you get connected.  You can email them by emailing

All of the different Dream Teams that work hard to make our church function are also very important.  We need to pray that God would continue to help people fully commit to helping us help people experience love, discover life, and make a difference.  Every thing that is done at DH is crucial.  Whether it is a behind the scenes job or it is right out in front of people we are always needing people to join the team.  If you have not yet "Gotten in the game", you should consider coming to DH Link this February.  You can find out more information and let us know you are coming by checking it out on our website (click here).

Let's pray for God to help both of these areas to excel at Destiny House.

4.  Missions/Outreaches

The gospel is the most important message on the planet.  We support a host of missionaries that are carrying this message to parts of the world that we may never go.  Let's unite together and ask God to bless their endeavors and give them opportunity with key people in the parts of the world that they minister.

In addition to this, we have outreach opportunities through the year to help people experience the love of Jesus.  We want to pray that God would also give us the ability to expand all that we do to help our community find Jesus.

5.  Pastors/Staff

As a church, let's lift our team up in prayer.  Let's pray for God to give big vision to the Pastors of our church.  The responsibility is great and we need God to lead us in all things that we do!  Each person that is on our Pastoral or Staff team work very hard to prepare to help you lead and do what you do and let's pray that God supplies strength in their lives!