The Struggle is Real

Written by Erin Berry

Lately I've noticed a certain hash tag that keeps appearing in my Facebook news feed, #thestruggleisreal. The Rban dictionary describes This as (generally) ironic saying that denotes a situation where the user wishes to express that they are encountering some sort of undesirable difficulty, but dealing with it. With irony, it has a comical effect of dramatizing a non-critical, yet undesirable situation. 

For example, "When you wanna punch a co-worker in the face, but need to keep your job?#tuesday #thestruggleisreal" or "I hate when coffee is too hot. Then I leave it and forget it. When I remember, coffee is too cold. #viciouscycle #thestruggleisreal" or " I want to be skinny but I also want to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. #thestruggleisreal" or "I am hungry buy I am fasting. #thestruggleisreal".

I'm sure many of you can relate! Now, in the grand scheme of life, these difficulties are quite trivial. But when it comes to our spiritual health, The struggle really is real! Until we get to Heaven it will continue to be.  There is a real struggle between where I am and where I need to be, the struggle between who I am and who God wants me to be."

Why is it such a struggle to live a life that is completely surrendered to God? 

Because the sin nature in all of us, says "me first." To truly live for Christ, We must constantly deny ourselves.  This is why fasting is such a powerful way to connect with God. To deny the very thing that sustains our natural bodies for a small amount of time and commit an extra amount of time to prayer, puts Jesus first.

 It's not easy, but every time you crave a cookie, or hear your belly growling, remind yourself that your struggle is an indicator of your sacrifice. Let me encourage you to remember that this time of sacrifice (denying your self what ever it is that you are fasting) means a great deal to the heart of God because it changes our hearts.

Our struggle is real because God created us with the freedom to choose Him or deny Him. 

Fasting with a pure heart says "I choose you!" "I choose you over all the other things that appeal to my human nature. I am willing to sacrifice things I really enjoy to show you how much you mean to me."

As a wife and mother, I know how much any selfless act from my husband or kids means to me. It moves my heart. It makes me want to bless them like crazy in return. 

I believe fasting does the same thing to God's heart. 

The struggle is real, but the struggle is worth it!